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A powerful mobile app

Smart solution to your home/office chore

Hiring workers for urgent services or getting a domestic job is now a few taps away!

The Oar for customer app is among the most powerful mobile applications that help people do their domestic/office chore by connecting them with the pro workers suitable for jobs such as car washing, mobile repairing, electric & electronics repairing, plumbing, housekeeping, and a lot more tasks.

Get it done by professional experts, local craftsmen, and technicians at any time.

Moreover, workers can use the Oar for worker app to get the nearby work based on their specialty to earn a part-time income.

Why Oar app?

This is how Oar brings convenience to your whole lifestyle!

Select pro services

Get services from an electrician, plumber, car washer, cleaner, etc.

Schedule a work

Hire a pro either right away or schedule at your convenience.

Hire multiple pros

Hire a plumber, an electrician, a phone technician, or other pros at the same time.

Know your cost

A reasonable fixed cost meets your budget and saves you from bargaining.

Save your time

No need to go out to find a worker and save your valuable time.

How to use Oar?

It’s really that easy! This app is designed so you get the desired service
in just four easy steps.

Choose a service

Initiate a service request by choosing the appropriate service category and the right amount of work.

Set your location

Set your desired location, and let the Oar app do the rest in finding a nearby pro-worker

Approve the work

Completed work is ready for your approval. You can modify/cancel the job anytime before its completion.

Payment & feedback

You can pay via multiple payment options at your ease. You may also rate the worker via feedback.

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