Some quick answers

You can cancel your active service anytime and launch a complaint at your will. Our complaint method encompasses almost all possible situations that a customer/worker may face during the course of the service and in case a situation needs more explanation, we give the option to explain it. 

Our operations management team will promptly respond to your complaints and resolve the issues.

You can pay via multiple modes of payment that we offer in the oar app. You can pay via cash, credit/debit or easy paisa. We also offer the Oar credit that you can top up using your credit/debit card or receive the return amount as oar credit.

The cost of material goods are not associated with the service cost set in the Oar app. The customer is liable to provide material goods required by the worker in order to complete the task. Oar app simply provides the standard price of the service based on the quantity of work.

The customer can cancel a scheduled service any time before the scheduled time is reached. In case of a schedule cancellation, the concerned worker will also be notified. 

If a concerned worker cancels a scheduled service for some reason, we always make sure that our customers get any available worker right at their defined schedule.

The service costs are fixed and are at par with the cost of the same services in the market. We provide affordable services to our customers without any hassle of bargaining and agreement with the worker. A professional worker is always readily available for services and we make sure that our customers are always aware of the total costs of the services before the service even commences.

You can always get a service on any location you desire. Whether you are working in your office but you need a service in your home. You can set your home address and get updated of the progress of the service on your phone.

You can hire multiple workers for multiple services at the same time. Whether you have problems with your electrical appliances or power supplies, your car needs care and your home/office needs cleaning, you are just a few taps away on your mobile phone to get everything done at the very same time.

Our efficient customer support team is always available to help our users resolve their issues regarding our services. Our customer support team ensures complete user satisfaction.